Volunteer Programs & Opportunities

We also offer volunteer programs and volunteer opportunities at our ashrams in India and the Netherlands. Our volunteer program offers you a unique opportunity to live at the ashram with our team, to learn from them, help in the courses and ashram activities and to gain valuable experience.


Volunteer Program – Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams offers motivated Arhanta Yoga graduates the opportunity to help as a volunteer during a Yoga teacher training course in the Netherlands.


We accept volunteers for the ashram in the Netherlands each year during the spring/summer, for the period of March till October.

What to expect

  • Accommodation and meals at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands
  • The chance to assist and to observe the teachers as well as the students during the Yoga teacher training courses

What is expected of you

  • Commitment for the at least 1 month to maximum 3 months
  • To help in the daily activities and classes at the ashram
  • Positive attitude, responsible, eager to help and serve

Admission criteria

  • Graduated from Arhanta Yoga
  • A desire to serve and help

Volunteer Program – Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams offers motivated Arhanta Yoga graduates the opportunity to assist as a volunteer during a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.


We accept volunteers for the ashram in India each year, for the period of October till March. 

What to expect

  • Accommodation and meals at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India
  • The chance to help and to observe the teachers as well as the students during the Yoga Teacher Training Courses
  • To see the ashram operations from the eye of a working staff

What is expected of you

  • Commitment for the at least 1 month to maximum 3 months
  • To help during the daily activities and classes at the ashram

Admission criteria

  • Graduated from Arhanta Yoga
  • A desire to serve, learn and grow

Arhanta Yoga Volunteer Program Reviews

Sarah Jane 


After completing the 200 TTC course at the Ashram in July 2016, it was great to have the opportunity to return to the Ashram as a volunteer.
So many aspects of the month as a volunteer were memorable, even life changing. It was good to be back living the Ashram lifestyle that I so enjoyed the first time. Although challenging at times especially moving out of my comfort zone, I always felt motivated by the teachers with lots of support and encouragement. I gained a wealth of confidence and knowledge in very inspiring and nurturing energy. It has certainly enhanced my skills as a yoga teacher and as a person.I Particularly enjoyed more training and mentoring from Yogi Omkar, extra asana classes with Yogi Kalyani and amazing knowledge and wisdom from Yogi Ram. It was a pleasure to work with people from different walks of life and places in the world and learn about their journeys and establish good friendships.Supporting the students, helping them in the Ashram and in the yoga classes was such a rewarding and heart warming experience. I remembered being helped so much when I was a student that I wanted to do the same for them. I can honestly say that I met the most amazing, inspiring and genuine mix of people going through this process. I thoroughly enjoyed leading the silent walks with the students and had the pleasure of taking the yoga nidra evenings. I also had the opportunity to remember how wonderful and uplifting chanting was, even though singing has never been one of my gifts! My time volunteering in the kitchen with Olivia and Andras was also enjoyable and unforgettable! Hard work sometimes, but I learnt so much in a short amount of time and discovered many things about myself volunteering at the Ashram. I left a stronger person physically, mentally and spiritually. A wonderful month spent with beautiful souls that will stay in my heart forever. I feel blessed that I have had this experience.

yoga teacher training europe Simona



My name is Simona, I’m 45 years old and I come from Italy. Since several years I was wondering to quit my job and change my lifestyle and I was also looking for a teacher training course. I found Arhanta Yoga Ashram and I immediately booked my TTC. Some days later I discovered that they also offer a volunteer program. I immediately wrote to apply and I decided to quit my job. I really enjoyed this experience. The life here at the ashram in the Netherlands is very different in winter when there are no courses and in spring/summer when the teacher training courses take place. I have enjoyed both periods. In winter it is more calm and relaxed and you can focus more on your yoga practice, while in summer the days are busier. I helped in the proper functioning of the ashram activities by performing different tasks such as gardening, cooking, teaching, office work, etc. Everything has been very inspiring. I really enjoyed the interaction with students; I loved welcoming them and making them feel at ease during their stay at the ashram. I’m really grateful to Arhanta Yoga for giving me this opportunity.

Yoga teacher training India Sherani



For the past 10 months I volunteered with Arhanta Yoga in the Netherlands. I learned a lot and enjoyed my time very much. I like the variation of tasks that the job offers; you teach, you cook, you work in the office, you offer guidance to the students, you function as a mediator. This job has a lot of different aspects, which makes it unique and incomparable to any other job. I especially enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful people from all over the world, to listen to their stories, to be there for them, to hear how they experience this journey and to see how they grow each day. I feel like my confidence has grown a lot during my time here and that I have gotten to know myself a lot better. I made friends for life and met people I might never see again, but who I will definitely never forget.



Participating at the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course has really opened my eyes to a new image of myself and the world but also of my yoga practice and of the way I live my life. During the course, my attention was completely focused on learning new words, concepts and information. This process has been very intense but at the same time very rewarding. After the training… The time has come to apply and integrate this new knowledge in my life.
Going back to Arhanta Yoga for the volunteer program was the perfect way for me to integrate the knowledge I had learned during the course in my personality as well. Attending the courses for a second time was the perfect refreshers course. This really helped me to let the content of the courses really sink in.
By guiding the students in the How to teach classes, I was forced to think about the how and why of everything I do while teaching. This definitely helped me to improve my own skills as a yoga teacher. I also had very interesting critical discussions with the students who asked a lot of questions about the correct use and the reason of certain instructions and corrections. During this whole process, the experienced teachers were constantly by my side. Their support was of great value to me and helped me a lot whenever I didn’t have the answer to a certain question. I felt supported and guided throughout my continuing learning process.
Putting this into practice during the advanced asana classes combined perfectly theory and practice. As a student I was amazed about the improvement of my skills during the TTC and I was pleasantly surprised to feel the same amazement about my improvements while assisting.
I strongly advise anyone who has the ambition to become a professional yoga teacher and who wants to lift his or her skills, knowledge and personal growth to a higher level to return after graduation as a volunteer or staff member.



Every inch of India is alive, I discovered that anything is possible! I find myself in the quiet and peaceful environment of the Arhanta Yoga Ashram for the second time this year. My first experience here was as a student in January, and now, 9 months later, I have returned as a graduated volunteer program. The yoga teacher training course is challenging and requires hard work but the result is simply astonishing. I have now had the opportunity to witness first hand how hard the students work to absorb the philosophy, the anatomy and the study of the asanas in the How to teach classes and to get the necessary knowledge and confidence to be able to teach Classical Hatha Yoga classes.
When I returned home after my own TTC, I was so nervous to start teaching that the following week I started teaching Yoga to a small group of beginners in my Yoga Studio at home. I combined this with a full time job. 8 months later I had more then 50 students and I gave yoga classes at the local gym and twice a week in a Clinic for sport injuries. In July I decided to end my professional career in marketing after 15 years and with the guidance and the support of Arhanta Yoga it is now time for me to expand my Yoga business.
If you have the opputunity to come as a volunteer, I really advise you to do so. It took me a trip to India 5 years ago to discover the power and the spirituality of Yoga. It doesn’t only keep you in good physical shape, I am also grateful to Yoga to be a continuous guide in overcoming the everyday challenges of life.

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