The Arhanta Yoga Ashram is located 10 km outside the ancient city of Khajuraho in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The surroundings of the Ashram are ideal for peaceful walks through the mountains, enjoying the beauty of the nature and watching the sunrise.

Although the temples of Khajuraho with their erotic sculptures might come to mind first when talking about Khajuraho, there is so much more this region has to offer.


Khajuraho itself is a popular destination for tourists. The Khajuraho village is located 395 km southeast of Agra and lies surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Chatarpur. Khajuraho has 22 world famous temples, that are exemplary for their architecture and bold artistic statement. These temples are a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986. Well known are: The Kandariya Mahadeva temple, The Lakshmana temple and the Devi Jagadambi temple.


Khajuraho fulfills the needs of every individual tourist. For those who want to delve into the regal and cultural side of the region, Khajuraho offers different kind of hidden treasures, like forts, palaces and museums. For the wildlife enthusiasts there are amazing lakes, giant waterfalls and beautiful rock formations that will charm any nature lover. For the real dare devils there are national parks and sanctuaries where you can find exquisite animals. But also for the casual tourists, who just want a break from the hectic lifestyle of the big cities, Khajuraho is an idyllic place to visit. The village has a lot of peaceful places with a view on incredible nature sides where you can empty the mind and just enjoy yourself in the present moment.

Below you can find a few examples of all the great places around in Khajuraho:

Benisagar and Ranguan Lakes

Lake Benisagar is 11 km from Khajuraho, while Lake Ranguan is at a distance of 25 km.
Both these delightful lakes have boating facilities and are a perfect venue for a short picnic. The Benisagar Lake near the Khuda River provides a good view of the surrounding landscape. The Ranguan Lake is a good place to enjoy at night and to spend an evening.


Raneh Falls

20 km from Khajuraho, Raneh Falls are famous for the incredible rock formations on the River Ken. Besides the pure crystalline granite canyon -which is 5 km long and about 100 ft deep, in varying shades of pink, red and gray- there are a number of seasonal waterfalls in the nearby wooded area making it a perfect picnic spot.


Ken Gharial Sanctuary

24 km from Khajuraho, Ken Gharial sanctuary is the best place to see the crocodiles with long-snouts living in their natural home. The dreadful glimpse of the sharp teeth seemingly ready to engulf you at once does not correspond to the behavioral characteristics of these crocodiles with normally peaceful nature. However, it is best to keep the distance.


Rajgarh Palace

25 km from Khajuraho, 150-year old Rajgarh Palace is situated at the foot of the Maniyagarh hills. The palace is also called Khajuraho Fort Palace and is built by King Shatrujit Bundela. Situated at the foot of Maniyagarh hills it gives a glimpse of the Bundela style of architecture.


Pandava Waterfalls

30 km from Khajuraho, you will find beautiful waterfalls of about 30 metres high, which are located on a tributary of the Ken River. The Pandava Waterfalls are so called, because it is believed that the Pandavas (five Pandava brothers of the epic poem Mahabharata) spent most of their time in exile here. Remains of caves and shrines that commemorate this legend can be seen around the pool below. Raneh Falls is located nearby.


Panna National Park

A 30-minute drive will bring you from Khajuraho to the famous and splendid Panna National Park. This region is rich in wildlife and its highlights are Leopards, Wolves, Wild Boars, Sloth Bears, Cheetas and Indian Foxes. The nature is not less inviting with dense teak forests and a panoramic landscape of the sanctuary which has deep gorges and lush green serene valleys. Due to the hot summers, this national park remains close from June to October.


Dhubela Museum

57 km from Khajuraho, Dhubela museum is situated in an old fort on the way to Jhansi. The museum has a rare collection of Bundelkhandi artifacts and a myriad of sculptures of Shakti cult. Besides that, it also has several other sections such as those on clothes, armory and paintings.


Ajaygarh Fort

80 km from Khajuraho, Ajaygarh Fort is situated at a height of 688m. This fort remained the capital of Chandelas during the dark times before their reign ended and is bordered by the beautiful Vindhya Hills which provides absolutely stunning views of the Ken River. The fort stands alone on a hilltop in the district of Panna and is easily accessible from Khajuraho.


Kalinjar Fort

100 km from Khajuraho, you will find Kalinjar Fort which is as old as the Gupta period and was won over the Chandela ruler Shri Yashovarman in the 10th century. This fort is located on an isolated rocky hill at the end of the Vindhya ranges and contains several temples dating as far as the Gupta dynasty of the 3rd-5th centuries.